Baba Guru Nanak

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However the greater may be the living from the truth - Guru Nanak

Baba Guru Nanak, was created throughout a time of great social, political and spiritual crisis within the good reputation for India. Muslim rule had arrived at India and also the Mughal empire was firmly established by Babur. Using the new make of rulers came a brand new religion, which in fact had produced an additional social upheaval inside a compartmentalized, caste ridden Hindu society. The spiritual doctrine preached through the Hindu priest, was challenged through the new ideas that included the Muslims, along with the used among the Hindus.

Within this duration of turmoil, Guru Nanak introduced a brand new stream of thought. He searched for to change the individuals outlook and attitude towards existence and society the God of Muslims and also the God of Hindus was one and also the same God that humans were his children and therefore people of the identical family. He preached love and regard for one another to reside in peace and harmony.

Guru Nanak's challenge towards the social turmoil was most profound, along with the most practical for this laid the building blocks to some practical challenge towards the Mughal rule in India. His gospel was the germ that ultimately progressed into modern Sikhism.


Baba Nanak was created on April 15, 1469 CE., somewhere known as Talwandi, known after him as Nankana Sahib, within the divided condition of Punjab, now in Pakistan. His parents were Mehta Kalu, his father who had been a village record keeper, and Triptan his mother. He'd a mature sister Nanaki, who later grew to become his first disciple.

It's stated that during the time of his birth, the smart within the locality heard celestial music his Muslim midwife Daultan revealed to neighbors the child chuckled being an adult soon after birth. The household astrologer, Hardyal, on seeing the kid, with folded hands, stated he could be worshipped by Hindus and Muslims alike as well as the inanimate would utter his title in reverence.

Individuals who're received within the sanctuary from the Guru, are the type so destined from eternity - Guru Nanak

The 3 fundamental concepts preached by Guru Nanak are:

Remember God, recalling God through meditation.

Earn Honestly, generating a genuine living.

Tell Desperate, selflessly serving others, discussing earnings and assets.

In the existence time Guru Nanak travelled extensively, preaching the gospel, living the reality, with love and humbleness. Guru's travels are known as Udasis. His nearest companion, was Mardana, who originated from a Muslim family. They traveled together extensively in excess of two decades. Guru Nanak sang hymns he composed in devotion to 1 God. Mardana supported him by playing the Rabab, a stringed instrument.

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